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At least it will be when we’ve finished it. In the meantime, we’ve uploaded 10 of our favorite diecast cars to give you a little taster of the site. There’ll be a lot more features coming shortly so if you’d like to be kept updated, just enter your email below!

About Us

What we are, and what we do

hobbyDB is building a catalog of every collectible ever made, from diecast cars to electric guitars, teddy bears to Eames chairs. With a super-search so you can find everything made by Marx or Matchbox, every model of a certain car, train or plane or everything that’s related to your favorite movie star, has an STP logo or dates from the WWII era.

But it’s going to be more than just a place to research and reminisce. The catalog also powers a collection management system where you can keep track of your collectibles, build wantlists of all the items you want to add to your collection AND buy & sell with ease! Have an area of expertise and want to help build the catalog? Get in touch:

Our History

Where we've been, and where we're going

ToyCollector, the social networking site for collectors, launches with ToyPedia, the net’s first attempt at cataloging every collectible toy ever made!


We build the world’s largest network of collector forums, covering everything from model trains to action figures to slot cars and beyond!


The first hobbyDB prototype is launched, using model planes to test interfaces and ideas, but with the intention of covering every collectible ever made!


Completely rebuilt from the ground up, hobbyDB’s new site launches!

Our Advisory Board

Geoffrey ambridge
Geoffrey Ambridge

Diecast Cars

Having followed his father to work at DCMT, parent company of Lone Star, Geoffrey is an expert on both. He has written two books, "Toys That Time Forgot" and "The Bumper Book of Lone Star Diecast Models and Toys 1948-88".

Paul aziz
Paul Aziz

Model Trains

Paul has been a passionate collector of antique British and German hand-made metal toys for almost 60 years. With a particular interest in Bassett-Lowke and Märklin toys, Paul has written several articles on this subject.

Blank avatar
Mark Bergin


Mark is one of the world's leading experts on antique toy robots and space toys. He has consulted for auctioneers including Sotheby's and Morphy Auctions and is one of the top toy robot dealers in the world. He sells through his site

John beugels
John Beugels

Diecast Aircraft

John Beugels has been collecting pre-war Dinky Toys for almost 30 years, mainly planes and boxes. He contributed to the recent "Dinky Toy Aircraft" book by GR Webster and has written articles on Dinky aircraft for the DTCA Journal.

Jackie britton
Jackie Britton

Construction Toys

Jackie has a vast knowledge of architectural construction toys and shares her enthusiasm on her website at

Peter brunner
Peter Brunner

Diecast Cars

Peter has worked in the toy business for over 20 years with companies like Herpa and Schuco, where he served as Managing Director. He founded the Premium ClassiXXs brand and produced models under the BUB brand.

Blank avatar
Norman Cary

Toy Soldiers

Coming Soon!

Ron crawford
Ron Crawford

Model Aircraft

An avid model plane collector, Ron Crawford also produces the 1/200 scale HBM 200 model planes in white metal.

Philippe de lespinay
Philippe de Lespinay

Slot Cars

A collector of vintage slot cars, diecast and tinplate auto toys for the past 40 years, Philippe is currently the curator of the LA Slot Car Museum, a private museum dedicated to preserving larger-scale US-made slot cars.

Patrick despature
Patrick Despature

Tin Plate Aircraft

Patrick is the author of "Antique Toy Airplanes 1910-1960" which showcases his stunning collection of tinplate model airplane, on which he is one of the world's leading experts.

Jacques dujardin
Jacques Dujardin

Diecast Cars

An avid collector and documentarian of Dinky Toys since 1962, Jacques is the author of the highly-respected Dinky Encyclopedia on DVD, one of the most comprehensive guides to Dinky Toys ever produced.

Blank avatar
Dionys "Seb" Eusebio

Model Kits

Seb has been a kit builder since the 1950's, focusing mostly on 1/72 aircraft, with an encyclopedic knowledge of kit subjects. He is a contributing member to

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