Brand Hot Wheels
Series Hot Wheels Errors, Hot Wheels Wrong Card/Package
Alternate Name
Production Status Error
Produced From: 2010 To: (Estimated)
# Produced
Made in Thailand
Reference # Collector #22/34, Toy #R3755
UPC Code
Scale 1/64
Casting Type Diecast
Color Metallic, Gray
Interior Color Black
Livery B & M Racing Transmissions
Decoration B&M Racing deco on sides, stripes across top
Wheel Color Chrome
Wheel Type(s) HW RLRR5SP
Baseplate Material Metal, Metal -> Diecast Metal/Mazak
Baseplate Color ZAMAC (unpainted)
Window Color Red
Packaging Details ERROR CARD, this is on a Slick Rides 29 Ford Pickup 26/34 card
Make Ford
Model 1932
Class Panel Truck
Cab Position Conventional Cab
# of Axles 4
# of Wheels 4
# of Doors
Notable Driver(s)
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