Hot Wheels AcceleRacers Soundtrack

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August 30th, 2005
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Plastic, Plastic -> PVC/Vinyl
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Released for the AcceleRacers 2005 series, the CD acted as Sony BMG's foray into creating soundtracks for creative properties. The CD was typically sold with an insert that doubled as a Synkro poster, three AcceleRacers Collectible Cards, a $2 off coupon for HyperPods, and an exclusive code that unlocked a secret song. 

The soundtrack included the following songs.


1. AcceleRacers Theme Song

Artist: Robbie Wycoff

▪ Composers: Cory Lerios; George Gabriel


2. Drive (Teku)

Artist and Composer: Jim Kaufman


3. Action (Teku)

Artist: Cashis Clay

▪ Composers: Cashis Clay; Kelly Lee McCartney


4. Anything But Down (Metal Maniacs)

Artist: Chris Holmes

▪ Composers: Chris Holmes; Jim Kaufman


5. Go (Teku)


Artist: Mark Mrdeza

▪ Composers: Bill Cory; John Taylor; Steven Taylor


6. Accelorate

Artists and Composers: Cashis Clay; Kelly Lee McCartney


7. Drag Racer (Metal Maniacs)

Artist: Cliff Rigano; John Taylor; Steven Taylor

▪ Composers: Steven Taylor; Taylor


8. Get to the Finish Line (Metal Maniacs)

Artist and Composer: Jim Kaufman

9. Tearin' Up the Streets (Metal Maniacs)

Artists: Kelly Lee McCartney; Man-D

▪ Composers: Alan Crawford; Kelly Lee McCartney


10. Pedal to the Metal

Artist: Kazzer

▪ Composers: Brian West; Mark Kasprzyk


11. Hot Rod

Artist: Christopher Lawrence

▪ Composers: Christopher Lawrence; Dave Aud


12. Circles

Artist: Nonpoint

▪ Composers: Andy Goldman; Elias Soriano; Ken Charman; Roberto Rivera


13. Open Road Song

Artist: Eve 6
▪ Composers: Eve 6; Max Collins

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