Kakeba Japanese Backgammon Gameboard

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Year Published:
1875 (Estimated)
Made In:
United States
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Team Play:
17.0 in
16.0 in
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Made in New England. Thin stock white pine with breadboard ends in five colors. Known as "kakeba," a variant of a 13th Century European 7-player backgammon game which was taken to China and eventually onto Japan.

This is a 7-player variant of backgammon, It is meant to represent the movement of the seven celestial bodies among the stars. Each player represents one planet (only 7 planets were known). The game is played with three seven-sided dice. Each player has 7 men of his color piled upon the ace-point of his starting table. Play moves counter-clockwise. The men are advanced as in backgammon, but the starting point of the other players is skipped when it is occupied by more than one piece.


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