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From: 1925 To: 1947 (Estimated)
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La magicien du verre: René Lalique...

René Lalique (French, 1860–1945) was a master glass artisan working through both the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods. The designs for these automotive mascots known as Bouchon de Radiateurs, were produced during the short Art Deco period from 1925 until 1931.

Production ended with the occupation of the Wingen-sur-Moder factory by the Germans who took over the Alsace region in 1940. Production began again in 1947 under the control of his son Marc, and then these were marketed as presse-papiers (paperweights or desk ornaments). Recently re-introduced for a short period and promoted as 'Mascottes' from the 1990's through to 2015 and all have now been deleted from the range and their catalogue.


LALIQUE COLLECTION of AUTOMOTIVE MASCOTS or DESK ORNAMENTS taken from the car mascots produced by the French Lalique factory during the inter-war Art Deco period. These were re-introduced post war up until recently. ALL are now deleted from the Lalique range catalogue, so are now true collector's pieces!

They are as follows:

Chouette (Owl) in clear & frosted finish at £275 (see second photo)

*Sainte Christophe (St Christopher) in clear & frosted finish at £950 (see third photo)

*Perche (Fish) in clear & frosted finish at £550 (see fourth photo)

Tete d'Aigle (Eagles head) in clear & frosted finish at £650 (see fith photo)

Tete de Paon (Peacocks head) in cobalt blue colour chrystal at £650 (see first photo)

Tete de Paon (Peacocks head) in black opalescent chrystal at £650 (see first photo)

*Tete d'Coq (Cockerals head) in clear & frosted finish at £650 (see first photo)

Grand Libellule (Large dragonfly) in turquoise ocean-blue finish at £950 (see sixth photo)

Vitesse (Godess of speed) in opalescent light milky-blue finish at £650 (see seventh photo)

Victoire (Goddess of victory) in opalescent light milky-blue finish at £650 (see first photo)

*Hirondelle (Swallow) in clear & frosted chrystal at £550 (see first photo)

Chrysis (Nude female) in opalescent light milky-blue finish at £550 (see seventh photo)

*Chrysis (Nude female) in silky satin finish at £750 (see first photo)

*Sanglier (Wild Boer) in clear & frosted finish (has 'Lalique Paris' label to foot of base) at £650 (see ninth photo)

Total of the fourteen pieces listed here comes to - £9,125 as the 'Buy it now' price.

ALL of them are presented in their original Lalique factory *boxes with warenty slip signed & numbered.

They will be regarded as a true blue-chip investment pieces, whilst giving you pleasure in displaying them!

I also have a few copies of the book on the subject here, author signed if requested at £35 per copy. Please note that postage, packing & insurance will have to be added or visitors may pick-up from our Gallery located in Brighton, Sussex.

They can be sold as one complete collection here, or I may split after the eBay listing has ended.

ALL will come with a Lalique factory inspection warrenty slip which has an individual number pertaining to the piece. Also a lifetime certificate of authenticity signed & dated on official letter headed paper will come with every piece.

Note that a quantity of black glass circular bases to fit each mascot as large, medium & small are available at £20 large, £15 medium and £10, small also reasonable prices on quantity on request (see photo twelve).
Note that they are period discontinued items.



*Those pieces thus marked are period pieces from the 1950's to the 1990's in grey Lalique factory boxes. The more modern ones are contained in black boxes.


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