Production Details
Brand Hot Wheels
Series Hot Wheels Mainline, 2000 Mainline, First Editions, 2000 First Editions
Alternate Name
Designer(s) Eric Tscherne
Production Status Standard Issue
Produced From: 2000 To:
# Produced
Made in Malaysia
Reference # Collector #084, Toy #24390
UPC Code
Model Characteristics
Scale 1/64
Material Metal, Metal -> Diecast Metal/Mazak
Color Metallic, Orange Red
Interior Color Blue
Decoration Blue Stripe on sides & hood
Casting Type Diecast
Wheel Color Chrome
Wheel Type(s) PR5
Baseplate Material Plastic
Baseplate Color Gray
Window Color Smoke
Features Suspension
Packaging Details 2000 Older Blister Card
Model Dimensions
Length 2.75 in (Approximately)
Width 1.25 in (Approximately)
Height 0.75 in (Approximately)
Weight 2.0 oz
Model of
Model Muscle Tone
Body Type Coupe
# of Wheels 4
# of Engines 1
# of Doors 2
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Muscle Tone

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HW 2000 - Collector # 084 - First Editions 24/36 - Muscle Tone - Metallic Orange - PR5 Wheels - Blue Interior - Older Card

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