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Made In:
United States
Reference #:
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Year Produced:
From: 1930 To: 1939 (Estimated)
# of Pieces:
# of Figural Pieces:
Metal, Metal -> Steel
Assembled Height:
Assembled Width:
Intended Age Range:
Additional Features:
Packaging Length:
Packaging Width:
Packaging Height:
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This was a puzzle used to win tools. If the child completed the puzzle, he/she would win a prize. Boys won a pocket knife, girls won a pair of scissors. The object is simple: Slide the letetrs around until they line up and read KEENKUTTER. The baseplate is steel and the letter pegs are plastic. The logo is found to the right of it. These are extremely rare, as these were only found at the Wichita building. (Note it says Morton-Simmons on the bottom, the same name as the Wichita plant.) You could buy duplicate puzzles for 15 cents, but only at the one location.

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