Production Details
Brand Hot Wheels
Series 2010 New Models
Alternate Name
Production Status Standard Issue
Produced From: 2010 To:
# Produced
Made in Malaysia
Reference # Collector # 002 Toy # R0917 Long USA Snowflake Card
UPC Code 0 27084 77885 3
Model Characteristics
Scale 1/64
Material Metal, Metal -> Diecast Metal/Mazak
Color Chrome, Gold
Interior Color Chrome, Gold
Decoration Tape Measure Graphics
Casting Type Diecast
Wheel Color Black, Red
Wheel Type(s) OH5SP
Baseplate Material Metal, Metal -> Diecast Metal/Mazak
Baseplate Color Metallic
Window Color Red
Packaging Details Long USA Snowflake Card; Blister Pack
Model Dimensions
Length 8.0 mm
Width 3.0 mm
Height 2.0 mm
Weight 2.0 oz
Model of
Model Toolgan
Body Type
# of Wheels 4
# of Engines 1
# of Doors 2
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