Wood Puzzle by E.C. Simmons

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Made In:
United States
Reference #:
UPC Code:
Year Produced:
From: 1920 To: 1940 (Estimated)
# of Pieces:
# of Figural Pieces:
Assembled Height:
Assembled Width:
Intended Age Range:
Additional Features:
Interlocking Pieces
Packaging Length:
Packaging Width:
Packaging Height:
Packaging Weight:
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This is the other puzzle issued by E.C. Simmons. Unlike the metal one, this was sold in all 7 of the distribution centers. This puzzle is made of wood and comes in a cardboard box. The pieces have lithographed colors on them. This was issued earlier than the metal counterpart. This is one of the rarest puzzles to date, especially complete. Just the box itself is rare enough. This is probably worth about $200 if badly worn but complete. Probably upwards of $600 if mint. 

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