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Production Details
Brand Hot Wheels
Series Hot Wheels Mainline, Back to The Future, 2016 Hot Wheels Mainline, HW Screen Time, 2016 HW Screen Time, 2016 B Assortment
Alternate Name Back To The Future Time Machine
Designer(s) Manson Cheung
Production Status Standard Issue
Produced From: 2016 To: 2016
# Produced
Made in Malaysia
Reference # Series #1/5, Collector #221, Toy #DHR29
UPC Code
Model Characteristics
Scale 1/64
Material Metal
Color Metallic, Silver
Interior Color Gray
Decoration Grille, Taillights, Side Moldings and Cable. Time Machine Equipment.
Casting Type Diecast
Wheel Color Black
Wheel Type(s) Tiny Wheels Underneath
Baseplate Material Plastic
Baseplate Color Black
Window Color Clear
Packaging Details 2016 USA Blister Card
Model Dimensions
Length 2.75 in (Approximately)
Width 1.25 in (Approximately)
Height 0.75 in (Approximately)
Weight 2.0 oz
Model of
Make Deloren
Model DMC-12 / Time Machine
Body Type Coupe
# of Wheels 4
# of Engines 2
# of Doors 2
Related Subjects
Notable Driver(s) Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown
Related Media Back to The Future
Related People/Characters Marty McFly
Other Related Subjects
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