World Beaters From Dinky

Text reads as follows:

The fantastic world-beating HAWKER HARRIER JUMP JET with swivelling jet exhausts

Another great plane joins the ever growing Dinky Air Armada. Model No. 722. The Hawker Harrier has:

  • Fully retractable undercarriage, linked to swivelling jet exhausts. Operated by sliding button
  • Retractable wing tip stabilising wheels
  • Moulded cockpit canopy and nose cone

719 Spitfire MkII; 721 Junkers JU87B Stuka; 715 Beechcraft C55 Baron; 710 Beechcraft S35 Bonanaza; 717 Boing 737

Model No. 223 NEW McLaren M8A CAN AM

  • Opening rear engine cover
  • Detailed engine
  • ‘Plated’ roll bar
  • Extra wide tyres
  • Racing wing mirror

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