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Text reads as follows:

Model No. 224 Mercedes-Benz C111

Speedwheels. Opening rear bonnet revealing detailed engine. Lift up ‘gull wing’ doors. Moulded windows, interior and seats. Transparent headlights.

Model No. 225 The fast and furious Lotus F1 Racing Car

Plated engine, exhaust pipes, steering wheel and cockpit rearview mirrors. Wide tyres. Moulded driver. Airfoil stabiliser above engine.

Model No. 439 The Big Tough Ford D.800 Snow Plough and Tipper Truck.

Opening doors. Opening tailgate. Tipping body. Pivoting snowplough blade with simulated hydraulic ram action. Moulded seats, windows and steering wheel.

Model No. 308 Leyland 384 Tractor

Hand-set steering on front wheels. Moulded tyres and driver. Rear towing hook.