'17 Ford Raptor

Alternative Name: '17 Ford Raptor (Gulf deco)

'17 Ford Raptor (Gulf deco)

If you’ve ever owned a pickup, you know how it goes: you’re everyone’s best friend when it’s time for them to move. Speaking of pickups and moving, our ’17 Ford Raptor features a lot of moving parts! But you better move quick if you want to get one when we offer our RLC Exclusive edition.
This version of the ’17 Ford Raptor debuted on HWC in 2018. It features both an opening hood and an opening tailgate! And if that isn’t enough to move you, this release features the ever-popular Gulf Racing deco. Add Real Riders Baja wheels with off-road tires, and you’ve got a pickup that not only moves, but can move over a lot of terrain.This piece also features a sturdy acrylic case. That way it’s easy to display no matter where you move.
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