'18 Camaro SS

Metallic Orange - USA 50th & MONTH Card

The 1-1 version has been previewed and color is ORANGE and referred to as CRUSH and debued in both coupe and convertible versions at the Sema Show in Las Vegas.

This Hot Wheels car was given away at the Chevy booth at the SEMA show in November 2017. Due to this and the history of exclusive SEMA Hot Wheels vehicles, many people thought this car was a SEMA exclusive, but it was not. The SEMA car is no different than the car that appeared in 2018 C cases in retail outlets.

Born: 2018, Detroit, Michigan, USA

Designer: General Motors with Hot Wheels

Combine the outstanding performance of the Camaro SS with the sizzling design of Hot Wheels and race to the roar of a 455 horsepower V8 engine, leaving a cloud of smoke For those in your wake. Massive aluminum wheels, and epic rear spoiler and mind blowing performance mean you'll crush the competition-and look good doing it.

HW 2018 - Collector # 050/365 - Muscle Mania 8/10 - 2018 Camaro SS (Hot Wheels Special Edition) - Metallic Orange - USA 50th & MONTH Card

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