1948 Ford F1 Supertest DMP

  • BRK #76 is completely stripped to bare metal and painted in basecoat clearcoat paint in the shade of Supertest Orange.
  • The FORD letters on the nose of the truck are polished to replicate a chrome-like effect.
  • The chrome nose pieces are carefully detailed with flat black paint for a realistic look.
  • The interior seat of the model is painted in the correct shade of "Tan Leather" and the dashboard is detailed. 
  • The wheels are stripped of paint and repainted in gloss white.
  • We add a Tow Truck Winch assembly from Brooklin's parts bin. This is painted gloss white and the cable block is painted in gunmetal.
  • A chrome fuel cap is added to the model.
  • The front and rear bumpers are painted in an "Aluminum" paint to reflect the commercial look of a utility vehicle of this era.
  • All plated parts on the model are carefully polished to bring out their chrome-like luster.
  • "Supertest" silk screened water slide decals of the highest quality are added to the model.
  • Each model is individually signed and numbered and includes a "Certificate of Authenticity" declaring the piece as an Official Brooklin Code 2 model.
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