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1st Anniversary

The pin is of a Hard Rock Cafe logo atop a banner. The circular logo centre is of a UK Union Flag in the red, white and blue of the amalgam of St Andrew's, St George's and St Patrick's crosses that make up the Union Flag. Around the silver edge of the centre are a series of red, white and blue 'jewel' inserts (six in all, four across the top above the words 'Hard Rock' that cross through the centre of pin/logo from left to right, and one either side below the 'a' of 'Hard' and the 'c' of 'Rock'). The logo 'sits' on a red banner with two lines of white capital lettering spelling out - top: '1st Anniversary' and bottom: 'Piccadilly 2020'.

The back of the pin is silver in appearance with a design of pairs of vertical and horizontal guitars crossing each other at mid-neck point, these are interspersed with Hard Rock Cafe logos. A four line text box includes a first line of 'Limited Edition 450'. A guitar pick shaped hologram includes within it a Hard Rock Cafe logo, the names of various Hard Rock locations and the words 'Certified Authentic'.

The pin went on retail sale at the Piccadilly Hard Rock Shop on 16 July 2020 price £9.95.

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