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1st Anniversary

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The pin, in antique bronze, is designed as a heraldic device. At the centre is the coat of arms consisting of the UK's Union Flag. On top centre is a Knight in armour's helm topped by a crest consisting of a crown with the year (2020) along its base. From the bottom of the crown emerges the mantling, to right and left. Across the bottom, below the Union Flag is a banner with the inscription "1st Anniversary". Immediately below the banner, placed centrally, is the Hard Rock Hotel logo giving the location as 'London'.

The back of the pin is antique bronze in appearance with a design of pairs of diagonal guitars placed head to tail and interspersed with Hard Rock Cafe logos. A four line text box has a first line reading 'limited edition 200'. A guitar shaped hologram has within it a Hard Rock Cafe logo, the names of various Hard Rock locations and the words 'certified authentic'. 

The pin was released for sale on 30 August price £13.95

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