1st Anniversary

First anniversary pin featuring a gold numeral 1 with 2 wooden shoes left and right next to the numeral 1.  The wooden shoes are white with delft blue flowers on them. Under the numeral 1 is the word "Anniversary" in capital letters. On the numeral 1 are eight clear or white gems. The five gems that run down the center are larger than the other three. Hard Rock Hotel logo is at bottom center, with year (2021) at top of logo and city name, Amsterdam American at bottom, all in gold with an engraved look.

Back of pin says "Limited Edition 200."

Base material: antique gold appearance

Style: Unpainted and painted

Back print: 4 lines

Back pattern: Logo - Musical Theme - Guitars Drums Logos etc.

Distribution method: Retail

Release date: June 2021

Original retail price: €17,95

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