It Could Only Be One Car

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Porsche 911. Uncompromisingly engineered. Proven reliability.
To give power without stress. High performance on two star petrol with excellent consumption. 12000 miles between oil changes and servicing. A six year guarantee against sub-frame corrosion. And for the true driver, the most satisfying motoring of his life.
There are four models in the Porsche 911 line-up: 911SC Coupé, and Targa, 9ISC Sports Coupé and Sports Targa.
All models are powered by a 3 litre, 6 cylinder 180 bhp engine with standard 5 speed manual gearbox or optional extra Sportomatic transmission. All have electric windows and tinted glass. Coupés have electric sunroofs.
Targas have a weatherproof lift out centre roof section, which folds for stowage. SC Sports models also feature forged alloy wheels, low, wide tyres, sports shock absorbers, spoilers, stereo radio/tape unit and electric aerial.
Price for the 911SC models £12,600*. Price for the Sports models £14,100*.
Could it be the one and only car for you?
Porsche 911 (logo)
Porsche Cars Great Britain Limited, Richfield Avenue, Reading RG1 BPH. Tel 0734-595411 Tourist and Diplomat enquiries Tel 01-568 8700.
*Prices shown, correct at time of going to press, include Car Tax, VAT and Seat Belts. Delivery and number plates are extra.
The full Porsche line up includes the 924, the 924 Lux, the Turbo and the Car of the Year, 1978, the new 928.