Chrysler Corporation 'Slant' 6

Alternative Name: G Engine

The Slant-6 is a Chrysler automobile engine, known within Chrysler as the G-engine. Introduced in 1959, the Slant-6 is an inline-6 internal combustion piston engine with the cylinder bank inclined at a 30-degree angle from vertical.

It was built in three different sizes over the years: 170 cubic inches, 198 cubic inches, & 225 cubic inches.

The G-engine was offered in various configurations in the North American market until 1983 in cars, 1987 in trucks, and 1991 for marine, agricultural, and industrial use. Replacement engines were built in Mexico through 2000. The G-engine was used by Chrysler's international operations in locally produced vehicles. It was also purchased by other original equipment manufacturers for installation in commercial vehicles, agricultural and industrial equipment, and boats.