This vehicle was built for the poorly-recieved and financially disastrous 2004 live action feature film version of the classic TV series Thunderbirds where it was used by International Rescue agent Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward (Sophia Myles). It's design was partially based on the 2002-2005 11th generation Ford Thunderbird, and it was built on a modified version of that car's underpinnings.

The car was created as part of a product placement deal for Ford to supply vehicles for the film after BMW, owners of Rolls-Royce, refused to let the filmmakers base FAB1 on a Rolls-Royce as it had been in the TV series. It was reported that when production company Working Title Films revealed to Thunderbirds creator Gerry Anderson that the movie FAB1 would not be a Rolls-Royce and showed him the designs for the Ford version, he was so furious he refused to have anything further to do with the film project. The decision also incensed the series' fanbase and - along with the changes made to the characters - was a major factor in their mass boycotting of the film.

In the film the car is portrayed as being powered by a turbine engine, having the capability to turn into an aircraft and featuring a passenger compartment which can detach from the rest of the vehicle and remain afloat in water. It is currently on display at the Heritage Motor Centre in Warwickshire, England.