Aeromobilia Ferrari 250GT California Spyder By HE 14 (Enrica) 1:14 Scale

Alternative Name: Aeromobilia Ferrari 250GT California Spyder by HE 14 (Enrica)

Our 1:14 scale 250GT California Spyder was produced in the late 80s, early 90s by Milanese entrepreneur Paolo Tron, which this series of "HE14" larger scale, or "Enrica", named in honor of his beautiful wife. A company named in Tradate, Italy B.N.T. actually did the construction tasks, as they did for much of the early pieces 1:14 Carlo Brianza. In fact, the products of HE14 Brianza remarkably consistent this shared background. However, our California Spyder is a much, much rarer model, Brianza is still producing many of the same scale 1:14 pieces while HE14 production stop put in 1993.
This model is the dark Ferrari blue and the seats and steering wheel in leather this model is simply gorgeous, but a little paint damage the bumper (can probably be worked out with polish) and the rest are the lint and dust that you see in the pictures
The model is in a lovely display