Russo-Balt C24-40, Torpedo, 1912

Russo-Balt C24-40, Torpedo, 1912 Model - Art C-CO-126D, 1/43 scale, Made in USSR MIB

Russo-Blat was one of the oldest car manufacturers in the Russian Empire and was initially founded in Riga, Latvia (then part of the Empire) in 1909. They produced cars until 1923.

The model was a copy of the car brand Fondu made in Vilvoorde (Belgium)
Russo-Balt produced cars from the Belgian brand under license until 1915.

The packaging is different for the modern Russian models, but when one looks at the print product numbers on inside flap then one can conclude that all of them probably came from the same factory.

The detail is impressive and similar to vintage models Corgis.

The base is made of metal with plastic parts for the "suspension",

The variations and colors are available bewildering; the Saratov made models leave nothing to be desired in terms of detail and variety.