Thomas Flyer Rally 1908 New York To Paris

Rio 47 1908 Thomas Flyer Rally New York to Paris 1:43 MIB
Beautiful in 1:43 scale made by RIO, this is the 1908 Thomas Flyer who drove to victory in the New York to Paris Rally by George Schuster. Rio is a 1:43 collectors for many years, a combination of very interesting subject with accurate reproductions of these classic cars from the past. Each model is mounted on a custom basis and is provided with a plexiglass dust cover to protect your collection.

Information about the race: This is a truly world class event included National Teams from France, Italy, Germany and the United States. The New York to Paris Automobile Race had to be driven across the frozen Bering Strait in the dead of winter 1908. All this at a time when the horses were considered more reliable than cars. The race was sponsored by the New York Times and the LA MATIN (newspaper Paris). The torturous New York to Paris route: NYC, Albany, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Valdez Alaska, Japan, Vladivostok, Omsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Berlin and finally Paris. The Thomas Flyer team covered three continents and more than 22,000 miles in 169 days. The race was won by the American Thomas Flyer driven by George Schuster Sr. Buffalo, NY. The performance has never been equaled. They still hold the world record over 100 years later!