1954 De Soto Automatic With PowerFlite Transmission

This is the premium De Soto brochures for 1954.  The next step down is a 12.5x9.5" twelve pager.

The De Soto marque was positioned above Dodge and Plymouth and below Chrysler and Imperial.  They sold from 1928 through 1961.

The last six cylinder De Soto was offered in 1954 and it was the last to carry the bulbuous early Fifties styling.  Twenty-four different exterior color combinations (two-tone) were available.  Virgil Exner's 'Forward Look' Chrysler Corporation designs were unveiled the following year and invented what we think of when we think of cars of the 50's.

The Powerflite automatic transmission was brand new for 1954, though De Soto had offered semi-automatic transmissions since the 1940.  The Powerflite was a $189 option, equivalent to $488 in 2016.  The least expensive V8 De Soto was the 6 cylinder 2 door Club Coupe at $2166 ($19,464 in 2016).  The most expensive was the V8 eight passenger four door sedan at $3276 ($29,439).