Rambler American For 1960: The Most Imitated Car In America

The success of the Rambler American had saved American Motors but it was essentially still the same car that had debuted in 1950. This chassis persisted through 1960 when it ran head-on into the brand new Plymouth Valiant, Chevrolet Corvair and Ford Falcon. The Studebaker Lark had appeared in 1959.  To shore up their position, they added a 4 door sedan to the 2 door seadn and wagon line-up. 

The lack of a new American to go up against the upstarts was the beginning of the end for American Motors.  They lasted until 1988 but were at a deficit.  They fought back hard in the early Seventies with some innovative cars,and bought Jeep from Kaiser-Willys but had no prestige to trade on.  In the end, Chrysler bought them to get Jeep.  In 2016, Chrysler, now owned by Fiat, is more or less keeping afloat strictly because of Jeep.