Family Size With A Flair For Fun

Trim level names, never the easiest to understand, became a little bit easier for the Rambler American in 1963.  Where once had been, in ascending order, DeLuxe, Super and Custom, we now had 220, 330 and 440.  A two-door hardtop was introduced, although it disappeared when the car was completely overhauled the following year.  A 'Twin-Stick' manual transmission also made it's debut, and functioned much like the overdrive transmissions in British sports cars in that it allowed an extra ratio in 2nd and 3rd gears with the addition of overdrive, for a total of five speeds.  The '80s Dodge (Mitsubishi) Colt employed a similar twin lever gimmick that gave it eight forward speeds and two reverse.  However, the British cars had electric overdrive rather than a separate lever.

Inexplicably, this 14 year old dinosaur won Motor Trend magazine's 'Car of the Year' award.  Adding fuel to the suspiscion that the prize goes to whichever company promises the biggest advertising buy for the coming year.