Rebel/Rambler American: From the 1967 American Motors

The brochure is unusual in that it is two brochures in one.  It covers the Rambler American for 16 pages to the centerfold, then you flip it over and there are 16 more pages of Rebel advertising.  Like the Classic before it, this year's Rebel was a Rambler.

The American had similar styling to the 1966 that would be essentially unchanged through to its 1969 demise.  This would be the last year for a convertible model, something that Ford and Chevrolet had dropped before the previous year.  Hoping to stop the onslaught of the VW Beetle, the price was dropped from $2017 to $1839, nearly $1300 in 2016 dollars.

You might expect that a completely new, larger intermediate car with a different name would be promoted with its own brochure but that was not the case with the Rebel.  Like the Ambassador, the Rebel was also on a two inch 114" longer wheelbase for 1967 and it was also made four inches wider.