1973 was a lot like 1972 but with bigger bumpers.  Big ugly rectangular girder beams that were a good idea but not fully integrated into the bodywork.  The insurance indusrty forced them on us.  Then they forced them off us because it cost more to repair all the components than it had for the simple tin foil bumpers on brackets.  Cars had functional bumpers in the 1920s.  They were light, small and mounted on what were essentially leaf springs.  They went away as styling integrated them into the body, but we really didn't need to reinvent the wheel to do it again.

There were 40 Ford models listed for 1973, one more than the previous year:

  • 16 full-size Fords including six wagons.  It appears that the Custom 4 door, the bottom of the heap, was terminated.  This is the car that the police detectives always drove.  On the wagon side, the Custom Ranch wagon is gone.  The Custom 500 moves down into the loss leader position.  We also lost the LTD convertible this year.  RIP.  A reduction of three cars.
  • 11 Torino and Gran Torino.  Two Gran Torino Brougham models ( 2 and 4 door) are added in more luxurious trim.  An addition of two cars.
  • 5 Mustangs, no change in offerings.  Hardtop, convertible, notchback, Grande and Mach 1. The 351 HO engine was dropped, leaving the 266hp 351CJ.  1/4 mile times dropped to 16.2 and 0-60 was 8.5 seconds.  This was the last year for the big Mustang.  Remarkably, although it grew eight inches longer, six inches wider and more than 1000 pounds heavier, the Mustang used the same basic platform from 1965 through 1973.
  • 3 Mavericks.  Again, no change in offerings.  2 door / 4 door / 2 door Grabber.  The car got a glove compartment, something it had lacked.
  • 4 Pinto.  Wagons are added to the mix in plain and wood paneled Squire versions.  The sedan and hatchback continue on. An addition of two cars.
  • Thunderbird is unchanged.