1952 Gotbrod Superior Sport

In 1949 the company Gutbrod decided to enlarge its product range by starting the own production of automobiles. Regarding the type designation they remembered their own corporate history and revived the expression “Superior”. In 1950 Gutbrod presented its first serial-manufactured automobile – the Superior 600.

Due to a thin financial ceiling and no room for a flop the leader board of Gutbrod initially held back when it came to the question of how to broaden their car range. How difficult the market and the challenge of meeting costumers needs could be, the Swabians experienced on a exhibition in Frankfurt as they only got reserved reactions for their displayed prototype. But firm owner Walter Gutbrod learned a lesson from this misjudgment and got the renowned body builder Wendler for the next model on board. Already during the 1930s Wendler had built up reputation for superb designs for luxury marques like Maybach or Bugatti. The experienced engineers of Wendler shaped a car body, which was dominated by long and flat curves. Also the chosen name “Superior-Sport” should emphasize this. Esthetical and remarkably well done was the long hood with its integrated roundish grill. The new shape definitely looked more like a “full-grown” car, compared with the subcompact Superior 600. The new roadster was fitted with a fabric soft-top and a plastic rear window. The new, in-house built 2-cylinder two-cycle engine with almost 700 cc transferred its power on the front axle through a three-speed gear. The engine produced a power of 30 HP and due to its weight of 780 kg the Gutbrod Superior Sport Roadster could reach a top speed of 125 km/h.

In 1952 production of the roadster started, but after only 12 manufactured cars – other sources believe 20 vehicles – production was resigned. The precise reasons are not known, but according to unconfirmed rumors the car was with its 8.000 DM (former German currency) buying price too expensive and in addition the leader board considered the car as too heavy.