The Saab 94 or Sonett I was designed as a competition car but was cancelled when rules changed and only six were made.

Sports cars were a very popular and potentially luctrative niche in the late Fifties and Sixties, especially in the USA.  Saab entered the market rather late with the two-stroke Sonett II in 1966.  They switched to a V4 engine mid 1967 and it was renamed Sonett V4.  258 Sonett II were built, 230 of those in 1967.  A total of 1,610 Sonett V4 had been produced when production ended in 1969 .

I think you really had to like Saabs to drive a Sonett II / V4.  One didn't see many on the road.  In total, Saab was not among the top 10 US imports from 1966 through 1969.  By comparison, Volvo bounced between 3rd and 6th. In 1966 alone, MG sold 21,700 cars and Triumph did 17,180.