I once read a study of import car owners and the personalities attached to each make.  It concluded that Swedish car owners were inclined to be the most politically radical.  The type of cars that college professors with patches on the elbows of their jackets would drive.  That sentiment was probably most highly concentrated in Saab owners.  I knew of a vehement fanatic who would drive nothing else.  As remarked in another entry, Volvo had consistently been in 5th place in US import sales since 1961.  Saab made the top 10 once from 1955 to 1970, finishing 10th in 1963 with 4117 cars.  Renault was 2nd that year with 22,600, VW was over 240,000.

For 1969, Saab introduced the 99 and their situation in the United States improved considerably.