I'm not a Volvo lover but they had some very attractive brochures in the early 60s.  I think it must have been the film they used or the inks in the printing process because they have vibrant, saturated colors that you don't see in contemporary American and English brochures.

The Volvo 122 Amazon debuted in 1956 but the USA didn't see it until the middle of 1959.  While the PV555/544 had been inspired by early 40s Fords, the 122 took it's cues from early 50s Kaiser and Chrysler products.  Familiarity with the design style made them more appealing to Americans for a longer period than French and Italian designs that followed European trends.

Wikipedia doesn't give a good accounting of the model names, so I will make an attempt.  The series was known as the Amazon in Sweden  but for legal reasons it was the 120 Series everywhere else. 

  • The 121 was a four door and the 122S was a sportier version of same that came along in 1958.  The four door was discontinued in 1967 in favor of the 144, a different car entirely.
  • The two door P130 came out in for the 1962 model year and lasted through the 1970 model year.
  • A P220 four door wagon came out a few months into the 1962 model year and lasted through 1969.
  • There's also a 123GT two door that came out in 1966 that had a bigger engine and a few racy goodies.

From what I gather, The first number describes bodystyle 1 for sedan, 2 for wagon.  The second number describes the number of doors.  2 means four and 3 means two.  The third number in the model name indicated whether it had a one or two barrel carburetor.  So a 122 is a 4 door, two barrel sedan but is not the same as a 122S.  The Swedish Chef on the Muppets was easier to understand than all this.