American Motors Presents The Newest Idea In Automobiles

The Nash Rambler was in production from 1950 through the 1955 model year as the compact car in Nash's line-up.  In the Spring of 1954, Nash-Kelvinator merged with Hudson Motor Cars to create American Motors Corporation.  After the merger, identical Hudson badged Ramblers were sold by their respective dealers, replacing the Hudson Jet.  The two brands were terminated in 1957 and a new marque was created under the name Rambler.  The car was revived as the Rambler American in 1957 with few changes.

Perhaps because of the merger and sharing of the Rambler, it was now marketed as the American Motors Rambler, while the full size cars continued to be called Nash and Hudson.  This would be the only year it used that branding.  The convertible was diropped from the 1955 line.  Rambler's biggest change in 1955 model year was the modification of the front fenders for a full wheel opening instead of the previous skirted fender.  This allowed a turning circle that was six feet smaller than previously.  It has been suggested that the Nash Metropolitan would have also benefitted from such a change but that never happened.

I believe that the "Newest Idea" alluded to in the title was to hire a designer to make the interior color and fabrics more appealing to women.