Announcing The Amazing New, Blazing New Metropolitan 1500

The Metropolitan was built by BMC in England alongside Austin-Healeys and sold as an Austin in Europe.  But the Metropolitan's main market was the USA where it competed against the Beetle and Renault Dauphine.  It was initially sold by Nash dealers beginning in 1953 and picked up by some Hudson dealers when they merged with Nash in 1954.  Once badged as either a Nash or Hudson, it was simply the 'Imported Metropolitan' once those marques were dropped.  The model persisted through 1961 in four different series although the cars didn't change much between variants.  Likewise, the Metropolitan brochures change very little through the years.

1955 saw the debut of the Series III Metropolitan, with BMC's B engine of 1500cc.  A zig-zag side trim was added to allow for two-tone paint which visually lowered the car and made it appear more racy.  The grille was modernized with the removal of the big chrome crossbar and the hood scoop was eliminated.  The car was offered as either a hardtop or a more expensive convertible that retailed for $1,551 (2016 US$13,968).