Ford 428 Super Cobra Jet

Alternative Name: Ford 428 SCJ

The 428 Super Cobra Jet (also known as the 428SCJ) used the same top end, pistons, cylinder heads, camshaft, valve train, induction system, exhaust manifolds, and engine block as the 428 Cobra Jet. However, the crankshaft and connecting rods were strengthened and associated balancing altered for drag racing. A nodular iron crankshaft casting #1UA was used as well as heavier 427 "Le Mans" connecting rods with capscrews instead of bolts for greater durability. The heavier connecting rods and the removal of the centre counterweight on the stock 428 Cobra Jet crankshaft (1UA), required an external weight on the snout of the crankshaft for balancing. A 428 Super Cobra Jet engine with oil cooler was standard equipment when the "Drag Pack" option (which came when selecting either a 3.91 or 4.30 rear end gear ratio) was ordered with cars manufactured from 13 November 1968. In addition, while the CJ and SCJ engines used the same autothermic piston casting, the piston-to-bore clearance specification between the CJ and SCJ 428 engines is slightly different, with the SCJ engines gaining a slightly looser fit to permit higher operating temperature. Horsepower measurements at a street rpm level remained the same. The 428 Super Cobra Jet engine was never offered with factory air conditioning due to the location of its engine oil cooler.


*NOTE* Ford also offered a 429 Super Cobra Jet (SCJ) engine Not to be confused, the one cubic inch difference did NOT mean it was a larger version of the same engine. The 428 engines were from the "FE" (Ford Edsel) engine family. The 429 was from the 385 engine family & ACTUALLY was what replaced the older FE engines.