These bowls, which are in different colors as shown above, were proven to be durable, and that claim is definitely true, as large amounts of this line of product can be found in antique stores and such. Many pieces are still being used up to this day because they are extremely durable. Despite being made for just one year, they made these pieces in vast amounts in a wide range of colors. These are different than the nesting bowls that look very similar (mentioned elsewhere in the pottery section) However, the Suburbia bowls have more bands around the bowl. What is unique about these pieces is that this is the only line I know of that has a production error that seems to affect a large amount of DIFFERENT pieces in multiple colors. The only other error I know of is on the Liberty Bell Planter (Also mentioned elsewhere)


Anyway, the error on many Suburbia Ware pieces is the McCoy uSA mark. As shown in the photo provided, the bowl that is upside down shows the McCoy uSA mark, aong with a style number. Can't find the error? Look closely at the larger C in McCoy. As you can see, the bottom part of the C is broken, making the pieces of the broken mold be compressed in parts they otherwise shouldn't be. As a result, the McCoy uSA mark is incorrectly applied. Some pieces suffer worse than others, as some have the o in McCoy look like a backwards lower case "c". Again the pieces of the broken mold were scattered around the bottom as the piece was removed, causing the error. I have no clue as to if this increases the value of the piece or not. This error is unique for this line due to the fact that it affects many pieces in different shapes and sizes. However, the error has so far only been found on pieces in the brown glaze. If you have a piece in a different color that has this error, please upload it.

These usually have the classic in-mold mark, but mugs usually carry the stamped or "pressed" mark. 

The photo provided shows a piece of the large C acting as a comma, meaning the "chunk" is displaced and makes the mark look like: McC,oy.