John Lennon Imagine There's No Hunger (Clone)

IMAGINE Peace Logo - Supporting "WhyHunger" and Local Partners in Haiti, Kenya, Thailand and India, 100% of the Proceeds from the Sale of this Pin will go Directly to the Fight to End Childhood Hunger and Poverty, Helping Those Who Need it Most by Supporting Sustainable Grassroots Solutions that Inspire Self-Reliance - Size: 1.44" x 1.75" - Material Make-up: Silver Base Metal, Hard and Translucent Enamel. Predominant Colors: Red, Yellow, Green. Manufacturer: Pin USA. Available Worldwide 11/1/2010 and Through the HRCPCC "Online" Shop 11/2/2010. Sale Price $12.00.

Back: Large Boxed 8LC, Pin USA, Silver HRC Logo/Crossed Guitars, Hologram Style/Authentic.

Painted style. 8 lines print. Logo - Musical Theme - Guitars Drums Logos etc Pattern.

This pin was sold through retail and/or online.

Base Material is Silver Appearance.