St.Patrick's Day Guitar w/Girl and Horseshoe Dangle (Clone)

Metallic green guitar with shamrocks on body and a green gemstone. 2011 silk screened in White on upper edge. St. Patrick's Day silk screened in white on Guitar neck. Gold horseshoe is suspended by Gold chains from the Guitar. Six shamrocks and 3 green gemstones adorn the horseshoe. A red haired lass holding a microphone is swinging in the horseshoe. She is wearing a green hot pants suit with green and white thigh high socks. HRC Logo at bottom of horseshoe with NIAGARA FALLS,NY. Released March 14th, 2011; Original Cost: $14.00 USD Painted style. 5 lines print. Logo - Musical Theme - Guitars Drums Logos etc Pattern. This pin was sold through retail and/or online. Base Material is Gold Appearance