St. Patrick`s Day 2009 - Girl on Motorcycle (Clone)

Red haired girl holding a black microphone above her head in her left hand while sitting on a metallic green motorbike. She is wearing a white blouse which is trimmed with black & laced at the waist, a green skirt, a white garter on her right thigh & black shoes. *********2009****** is written in white on the petrol tank while *********HAPPY ST. PATRICK*********S DAY****** is written in white round the front tyre. A HRH logo is between front wheel and engine with *********CARDIFF****** below it. 2 pins & hologram blob on reverse. Painted style. 5 lines print. Logo - Musical Theme - Guitars Drums Logos etc Pattern. This pin was sold through retail and/or online. Base Material is Silver Appearance