'55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser

2019 RLC Exclusive
46 Variants  | 10 Errors  | 10 Customs
It’s become one of the most beloved castings Hot Wheels has to offer. But this RLC Exclusive ’55 Chevy® Gasser offers us a special glimpse at history, too! Fly into the past with us; released on 7/30/19.   We land in Burma, just prior to the U.S. entry into WWII. A clandestine unit of the Chinese Air Force is being formed … with American military personnel! Discharged from the armed services, these Americans became the 1st American Volunteer Group contracted to help China fight Japan. Nicknamed "The Flying Tigers," they would later play a crucial role in WWII and inspire books and films.   The Flying Tigers would begin with a fleet of Curtiss P-40B “Warhawk” fighter planes. These planes were painted with the shark mouth deco which would later become iconic. Sturdy, armored, and well-armed, these planes were known especially for a speedy dive “boom-and-zoom” maneuver.   The last P-40B planes used in military service – in Brazil – were retired in 1954. Which brings us to our 1955 Chevy®. (A note of interest is that some former Flying Tigers pilots formed an airline used primarily for cargo – Flying Tigers – which operated until they were purchased in 1988 by Federal Express.)   Your collection will be the bomb with this insanely glorious edition. Appropriately featuring the shark mouth deco and warplane insignias, it includes authentic racing logos as well. Finished in Spectraflame olive and landing on Real Riders wheels, it’s enclosed in an acrylic case – resembling a museum exhibit. You’ll want to display it.
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