3rd Anniversary

This 3rd Anniversary Renegade pin features a red number three with a non-standard Hard Rock logo nestled in the bottom portion of the number in white with green and gold letters. The Hard Rock Café logo is not typical of other Hard Rock Café logos because at the time of manufacture, the cafe was not licensed by Hard Rock. The location – ‘Johannesburg’ is written at the top of the number three and ‘Oct ‘97’ written at the bottom, both in gold.

Pin is individually numbered out of 1000. Back print is three lines. First line is stamped and says, “Made by PinCo, S.A. for South Africa.” Second line say, ‘Pretoria/’ Third line is carved and states the pin number, such as "0834 of 1000."

Base material: Gold Appearance

Style: Painted

Back print: 3 lines

Back pattern: Grid

Distribution method: Retail

Release date: October 1997

Original retail price: Unknown