Toontown Grand Opening Staff - Jessica Rabbit in Pink Lingerie

Unlicensed fantasy guitar pin with Hard Rock Cafe logo, featuring the Jessica Rabbit cartoon character from the 1988 Disney animated and live-action movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit." Hard Rock and Disney do not have a partnership to create authorized co-branded pins.

Pin is a horizontal guitar that has the appearance of being a grand opening staff pin for Hard Rock Cafe Toontown, which never existed. Jessica Rabbit sits on the guitar neck, wearing pink lingerie and waving with her right hand. Guitar body resembles the red, white and blue flag of the United States of America. Guitar head is white. Neck is blue. On neck, in gold letters, are the words "Grand Opening 2006." At bottom of guitar body, also in gold, is the word "Staff." Hard Rock Cafe Toontown logo is at center of guitar body.

At least four color variations of this pin exist. On this version, lingerie is pink.

Back of pin says "Limited Edition 65."

Base material: Gold appearance

Style: Painted

Back print: 1 line

Back pattern: Sand

Distribution method: Unknown

Release date: 2006

Original retail price: Unknown