Hot Wheels 2020 - 34th Hot Wheels Annual Collectors Convention # 2/3 - '41 Willys Gasser - Spectraflame Red - Metal/Metal & Real Riders - Limited to 6,700 - Includes a Kar Keeper - Toy # GLH78

This is #2 in the series of 3 vehicles made for the 34th Annual Hot Wheels® Collectors Convention. Brendon Vetuskey designed the original Hot Wheels® version in 2019. Ransburg red with metallic silver chassis, Ransburg red cowl. Black interior, with light smoke tinted windows. Chrome plated engine supercharger and exhaust. RR 5 spoke mags silver metallic on the front and RR Slick Drag hub with foil, cheater slick tire with silver VUM. The deco for this year’s ’41 Willys Gasser was created by Steve Vandervate. This car is limited to a run of no more than 6700 pieces.