Alternative Name: Bruticus

Now the mighty Bruticon from Zeta Toys comes as a Metallic Edition. Bruticon isn’t a mere single robot—he’s five robots that form into one massive combiner! Zeta Toys’ ZA-07 Bruticon metallic edition is formed with five individual robots, all pf them come in this set—Take Off ( ZA-01), Whirlwind (ZA-02), Blitzkrieg (ZA-03), Uproar (ZA-04) and Racket (ZA-05). Four of the figures stand approximately 8.3” tall in robot mode, while a fifth figure—the maniacal Blitzkrieg—towers above his compatriots at 10” tall in robot mode. Each of these figures is approximately masterpiece scale. Featuring a space shuttle, helicopter, tank, missile vehicle and humvee alternate modes, these robots are ready to battle on all fronts. When they combine, they form the massive Bruticon—one of the largest combiners in existence at approximately 22” tall in its robot form, also reaching masterpiece scale.