Band of Bones Skeleton Set (Clone)

Clone set of five 3D pins that together form a skeleton rock band. Each pin has a different metallic color as its base material, with one feature painted in color for contrast. According to their positions on the backing card, the pins are as follows:

  1. At top left is a bass guitarist in black. Colored feature is a red headband with the letters "HRC" in yellow.
  2. At top right is a drummer with two drumsticks in gold. Colored feature is a red and gold plaid shirt. 
  3. At center is a singer with a microphone in brass. Colored feature is a turquoise Mohawk hairstyle. 
  4. At bottom left is a lead guitarist in copper. Colored feature is a purple top hat with a black band.
  5. At bottom right is a keytarist in silver. Colored feature is light blue sunglasses.

Each pin has a Hard Rock Cafe logo at bottom with location name printed in white.

Back of each pin says "Limited Edition" and does not state quantity. Cafe staff say number of sets received is 50.

Pins were sold together on a unique green and black backing card. At top of card are the words "Hard Rock Presents" and "Band of Bones." At bottom are the words "Back from the Grave World Tour" and "A Skele-Tunes Production."

Base material (1 pin each): Black, gold, brass, copper, silver

Style: Painted

Back print: 4 lines

Back pattern: Hard Rock logos and diagonal guitars

Distribution method: Retail

Release date: September 2020

Original retail price: € 59,95