Sunbeam 1923 French Grand Prix Winner

The 1923 French Grand Prix was held at Tours on July 2. The race was run over 35 laps of the 22.83km circuit making a total distance of just under 800km. The race was won by Henry Seagrave driving a Sunbeam as presented by this model. This was the first Grand Epreuve to be won by either a British driver or a British car. In this case it was both. Five cars finished the race, 3 Sunbeams, a Bugatti Type 32 and a Voisin Laboratoire. The Sunbeams were placed first, second and fourth.

The Sunbeam cars dated back to 1921, but were fitted with new engines to suit the latest race regulations. This was a 2 litre 4 cylinder engine developing 102 bhp at 5000rpm.