Adler Trumpf Junior Record Car

On March 25, 1935, a modified Adler Trump Junior Sport car was taken to the Avus racing circuit. The engine had been uprated to give top speed of 125 kph whilst lapping consistently at 115 kph.

The car covered around 16,000 km in seven days and six nights! On the penultimate day Paul von Guillaum joined as the fourth driver. When, after 151 hours, the trip was cancelled, the Adler still had a total average speed of 103.36 kph, breaking 13 existing world records. All of this was achieved despite a heavy snowstorm on the penultimate day of the record run. After the record run, the car was shelved by the Adler Sports Department. In 1943 the car became a casualty of the war.

The Adler Trumpf Junior was produced from 1934. It had front-wheel drive like the larger model, the Adler Trump, but an engine capacity of only one litre. In 1934 and 1935, just over 100,000 Adler Trumpf Juniors were built.