Jankovits Alfa Romeo

Little is known about the brothers Gino and Oscar Jankovits but, by the 1930s, they had decided to concentrate on automotive engineering and built up a garage business that reportedly included an Alfa Romeo dealership. During 1935, they completed drawings of an innovative mid engined sports car, with independent suspension and central driving position. This three-seater was styled with all enveloping, streamlined bodywork, possibly influenced by another Hungarian born engineer, Paul Jaray. Progress was slow, but it is rumoured that they made contact with Vittorio Jano and it is thought that he gave the brothers a new generation 6C 2300, although rumour also states that it was intended to fit a new V12 Alfa engine. However, Vittotio was fired be Alfa Romeo, so the brothers had to make do with the 6 cylinder engine.

During World War 2, the car was kept hidden for safety. After the war, the brothers had to flee from the new communist government and drove the car through the border checkpoint with Italy under fire from the border guards.

Unfortunately, the brothers now had no money so they had to sell the car. It was bought by an American serviceman and disappeared for 20 years. It reappered in Britain and after several owners and finally found a new home in Italy