Stained Glass Window

Part of the Stained Glass Window Series. Each pin is a church window with a pointed arch and gold borders. Shown in the window are iconic local landmarks. Window frame and background behind landmarks feature translucent sections that look like stained glass.

The Florence window features the Statue of David, Florence Tuscany Italy Lion, The Santa Maria del Fiore, in Florence better known simply as the “Duomo”, which means Cathedral.

Year (2020) appears in text box on back of pin. Back of pin says "Limited Edition 150."

Sold on a unique series backing card that looks like a wall of white bricks. At bottom center of card, in two rows of gold capital letters, are the words "Limited Edition" and "Stained Glass Window Series."

Base material: Gold
Paint style: Painted
Back print: 5 lines
Back pattern: Hard Rock logos and diagonal guitars
Distribution method: Retail

Original retail price: 15,95 euro